Honeycomb Laminator

HL-1600/1800/2300 (62″/70″90″)


  • Electric Energy saving – NANO treated heating plates
  • NO-Spike type of expander to afford various cell sizes
  • Blade gluing system – Less glue consumption, Less water consumption, Fast cleaning of gluing unit
  • Infrared wave heat to avoid board unbalanced drying problem
  • Open-type of Pressing unit for easy cleaning and simple maintenance
  • Module-type pressing unit for extension function to increase laminating speed in future
  • Roll Conveyor with board cooling system & infrared heating (for high speed)
  • Auto paper guide system (EPC, Edge Position Control) – option
  • JET cutting system – Fast and No friction cutting.
  • Narrow Cutting (up to 300mm, 11.80”) is available

Paper Roll Stand

Motorized Type (Econo)
  • Motorized roll handling
  • Auto tension
  • Side tracking
Hydraulic Type (Standard)
  • Hydraulic roll control
  • Auto tension
  • 2 rolls per frame
  • Transfer car – manual or hydraulic (option)
Hydraulic Lift Type (Option)
  • Lifting and holding type
  • Hydraulic roll control
  • Auto tension
Hydraulic Type (Premium)
  • Hydraulic roll control (High Grade)
  • Auto tension
  • 1 roll per frame
  • Useful for frequent and heavy roll change
  • Transfer car – hydraulic

Infeeding & Expanding

Pre-Loader (option)
  • Easy to put core pallet into machine
  • Core pallet stand-by
Lifter (option)
  • Hydraulic control
  • Auto height adjustment
  • Weight scale (option)
Expander (Standard)
  • No-Spike type to afford various cell size
  • Continuous core feeding
  • Magnetic guide bar
Expander (Premium)
  • No-Spike type to afford various cell size
  • Continuous core feeding
  • Infrared heating
  • Magnetic guide bar

Gluing and Pressing

Gluing Unit
  • Less glue consumption
  • Less water consumption
  • Quick cleaning system
Belt Conveyor
  • Module type for future extension
  • Belt guide function
  • Open-type for easy maintenance
Roll Conveyor
  • For high speed laminating
  • Module type for future extension
  • Paper moisture adjustment
EPC (option)
  • Paper edge positioning controller
  • Automatic operation by sensor

Heating Units

Air Heater
  • Hot air blowing
Plate Heater
  • NANO treated plate heating to save electric energy
  • Overheating protection
Infrared Heater
  • Infrared wave heat transfer
  • Heating into inner core through liner paper

Board Slitter

Board Slitter (Econo)
  • 3 knives
  • Knife vertical/horizontal adjustment – manual
  • Knife grinding and oiling
  • Useful for additional multi-slitting (extra knives available as option)
Board Slitter (Standard)
  • 4 knives
  • Slitting thickness up to 100mm (4.72”)
    (as per cell size more than 25mm+ (2.0”)
  • Knife grinding and oiling
  • Knife vertical adjustment – motorized
  • Knife horizontal adjustment – manual
NC Board Slitter (Premium)
  • 8 knives on 2 shafts
  • Numeric control
  • Knife position adjustments – servo control
  • Knife grinding and oiling

Board Cutter

Board Cutter (Econo)
  • Single Servo cutting
  • Min. cutting length : 500mm (19.68″)
  • Knife cooling and grinding
Board Cutter (Standard)
  • DUAL SERVO cutting
  • Min. cutting length : 300mm (11.81″)
  • Knife cooling and grinding
Board Cutter (Premium)
  • Fast and clean cutting
  • Min. cutting length: 300mm (11.81″)
  • Non-friction cutting system
  • Knife cooling and grinding

Extra Units

Flexo Printer (option)
  • Flexo ink
  • Printing plate
  • Anilox roll for precised printing
Varnishing Unit (option)
  • Varnishing purpose : customized
  • Top and/or bottom varnishing