HCM-2800 / 3100 (Jumbo)2019-04-11T17:45:11+09:00

Honeycomb Core Machine

HCM-2800(110″) / 3100(122″) (Jumbo)


  • Working width : 2800mm (110″) / 3100mm (122″)

  • Cell size: 8-100mm (0.32-3.92″), Cell thickness: 8-100mm (0.32-3.92″)

  • Endless (continuous) core production

  • Block core (core stick) production -Option

  • Servo control for précised cutting

  • Vibration Absorption Programming (Electric cam program)

  • Paper alignment device for quick paper setting

  • Core cutting knives, superior qualified, 2 layers structure for long life

  • Auto paper guide system (EPC, Edge Position Control) -Option

  • Computerized control for easy operation.

Paper Roll Stand

  • Hydraulic roll station – standard or deluxe type

Hydraulic Roll Stand [Standard]

Hydraulic roll control
Auto tension control

Hydraulic Roll Stand  [High Grade]

Hydraulic roll control
Auto tension control

Edge Positioning System (EPC)

Sheet auto guide
Automatic sheet edge positioning

Gluing Unit

Glue Applicator (Type1)

Separate type
Glue pipes / Gluing Valve

Glue Applicator (Type2)

Direct gluing, Compact
Glue pipes / Gluing Valve

Gluing Control

Filter and gauge
Pumping and pressure control

Alignment Device

  • It is the device to minimize setting time and sheet loss

Core Cutter

Pull Roll (Cell Roll)
  • Precised pulling rotation according to cell thickness

  • Roll structure for delivering the laminated sheets without slip

Core Cutter
  • Cutting thickness 8-100mm

  • Endless (continuous) core production.

  • Block core (core stick) production – option

  • Thicknesses of honeycomb cores are adjusted from main touch panel and sub-controller

  • Precised cutting by dual Servo system

Vibration Absorption Program
  • Cutting with electric cam program guarantees stable cutting status

  • Long machine life

  • Vibration absorption helps high-speed operation

Dual Servo Linkage system
  • Two servo motors are linked for cutting balance

  • Efficient for making artificial wave on cutting knife for precised and soft cutting

Block core (core stick) Function -Option
  • Multi-function to produce not only ENDLESS CORE but also BLCOK CORE (CORE STICK)

  • Cutting numbers can be set in touch panel.

  • Non-gluing distance can be set in touch screen

Notching Unit

  • Rotating saws make U-groove line at bottom side of honeycomb core.

  • Paper dust container

Core Slitting Unit

  • Slitting unit is to cut Honeycomb core into 2~3 pieces

  • Adjustable cutting size

Delivery Unit

  • The delivery table make core transfer easily

  • Motorized

  • Suitable for jumbo size