HCM-2800 / 3100 (Jumbo)2020-05-30T13:33:29+09:00

Honeycomb Core Machine

HCM-2800(110″) / 3100(122″) (Jumbo)


  • Endless (Continuous)core production
  • Block core ( core stick) production – option
  • Précised cutting by DUAL SERVO control
  • Vibration absorption programming for core cutting
  • Auto Tension Control for paper rolls
  • 2 layers’ knife structure to minimize heating torsion during high speed cutting
  • Paper alignment device (Easy Setter/EPC/Tension roll unit) for quick paper setting –option
  • Specialized glue metering pump to keep gluing balance due to operating speed change, helpful for even gluing

Paper Roll Stand

Hydraulic Standard Type
  • Hydraulic roll control
  • Auto tension
  • 2 rolls per frame
  • Transfer car – hydraulic
Hydraulic Lift Type
  • Lifting and holding type
  • Hydraulic roll control
  • Auto tension
  • Paper roll centering – manual
Hydraulic Premium Type
  • Hydraulic roll control (High Grade)
  • Auto tension
  • 1 roll per frame
  • Useful for frequent and heavy roll change
  • Transfer car – hydraulic

Alignment Devices

Easy Roll Setter (option)
  • Less paper loss while operation setting
  • Paper setting time saving
  • Helpful for uneven paper
EPC Unit (option)
  • Automatic paper edge positioning
  • Useful for precised production
  • Operating time saving
Tension Roll Unit (option)
  • Helpful for uneven paper
  • Tension adjusting
  • For precised production

Gluing Unit

Glue Station
  • Operating friendly
  • Separated gluing station
  • Various cell size
Glue Pipe
  • Easy changeable glue pipe
  • Useful for glue drying solution
  • Operating time saving
Gluing Control
  • Glue pumping & filtering
  • Glue metering design
  • Air pressure regulator and valves

Core Cutter

Pull Roll (Cell Roll)
  • Precised cell roll rotating
  • Fixed or changeable cell roll
Core Cutter
  • Endless core production
  • Cutting thickness : 8-100mm or 6-100mm (option)
  • Servo control for precised cutting
Superior Cutting Knife
  • Superior quality
  • 2 layers’ structure to prevent heating torsion
  • Suitable for high speed and precised cutting
Vibration Absorption Program
  • Vibration absorption programming
  • Soft and high speed cutting
  • Long machine life
Dual Servo Linkage system
  • 2 servo motors linked for powerful cutting
  • Precised high speed cutting
Block Core Function (option)
  • Function to make block core (core stick)
  • Non-gluing distance adjustable
  • Cutting numbers can be set
  • Interrupter

Delivery Section

Notching Unit (option)
  • U-Grooving on core surface
  • Dust container
Delivery Table
  • Motorized belt transfer
  • Suitable for jumbo size
Control Box
  • Control box
  • Touch screen